Board of Directors

Jackie Wallace
Founder, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Board Chair
Jackie Wallace is co-founder and Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development of Full Circle Biochar. Ms. Wallace is an entrepreneur primarily focused on cutting-edge, disruptive green technologies. She is a former trustee and board member of a Washington, DC-based family foundation. Ms. Wallace is the original founder of Full Circle Biochar, sighting the potential of biochar as not only a viable planetary solution across many sectors, but also a viable business opportunity for big agriculture.
Dr. David Shearer
Founder, CEO, Director
Dr. Shearer is co-founder and CEO of Full Circle Biochar. Prior to launching Full Circle Biochar, Dr. Shearer was Chief Scientist at California Environmental Associates and Principal Environmental Scientist at AeroVironment Inc., where he worked in the next-generation transportation, energy, carbon mitigation, and information technology space. In addition to his private sector activities, Dr. Shearer has directed groundbreaking work in both public policy and philanthropic investment for climate change mitigation. Dr. Shearer sits on several nonprofit and educational boards including SkyTruth and Black Rock Solar. He has a Ph.D. in Environmental Epidemiology and a M.S. in Environmental Microbiology from the University of California, and B.S. in Biology from the University of Oregon.
Marco Krapels
Director (Observer)
Marco Krapels is Executive Vice President with Rabobank, where he runs Rabobank, N.A.’s commercial banking product groups including its capital markets and renewable energy finance divisions. Marco co-chairs the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility committee, where he’s initiated notable sustainability efforts, including a Rabobank solar/electric car project featured in The New York Times. Marco is co-founder of Empowered By Light, a project to deliver 5,000 solar powered LED light/cell phones charge kits to rural Zambia schools that do not have electric power or mobile-phone charging capabilities.
Cindy Gantz
Strategist, Director
Cindy Gantz is a trustee and board member of the Sharon Gantz Bloome Fund/Tides Foundation. She is the co-founder and Creative Director of Dropping Knowledge, a Berlin/New York-based non-profit leveraging new media opportunities with the most pressing issues and voices of our times. At the intersection of business and environmentalism, she is interested in building profitable, effective, scalable commercial businesses that create ways to successfully take carbon out of the atmosphere and keep it out, without countervailing impacts. She holds a MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a BA in art history with minor in business from Columbia University.